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LISSA Executives

The LISSA Executive meets once a month. It is composed of elected representatives from both 1st and 2nd year students. The President's position is normally held by a 2nd year student while the Vice President is normally a 1st year student. All other positions are held jointly by a 1st and 2nd year student, with the 1st year student acting as an assistant and trainee for the position. Elections for the 1st year positions are held each October. This system provides incoming students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with LISSA and SLIS, and also creates continuity from year to year. 

For more information on the positions that make up the LISSA Executive and what each position is responsible for please consult Section 2 (The Executive) of the LISSA Bylaws.

Members on the current 2018-2019 LISSA Executive:

Title Name Email Pronouns
President Ren Milmine She/Her
Secretary Michelle Terriss She/Her
Treasurer Jessica Frechette She/Her
Social Convener Tessa Brodhead She/Her
Communications Coordinator Arija Fisher She/Her
Graduation Representative Emma Ferguson She/Her
Graduate Students' Association Representative Tabatha Plesuk She/Her
Part-time Student Representative Lindsay Griffin She/Her
Online Student Representative Caitlin MacRae She/Her

LISSA Alternate Executives for 2018-2019:

Title Name Email Pronouns
Vice President Erin Hoar She/Her
Alternate Secretary Christine Hutchinson She/Her
Alternate Treasurer Emily Villanueva She/Her
Alternate Social Convener Leah Hubbard She/Her
Alternate Communications Coordinator Helen Zhang She/Her
Alternate Graduation Representative Luc Fagnan He/Him
Alternate GSA Representative Julia Guy She/Her
Alternate Part-time Student Representative Deniz Ozgan She/Her
Alternate Online Student Representative Erin Ballantyne She/Her